Sustainability begins with the filter! Our filter material consists of 100 % natural fibres.

Fine Filter Inserts from CJC®: your depth filters for the highest oil and fluid cleanliness

fine filter inserts, depth filters, cellulose filters
fine filter inserts, depth filters, cellulose filters

Feinfilter inserts — depth filter and cellulose

Fine filter cartridges specially designed for our oil and fluid care systems that are highly efficient in removing all contaminants from oils and fluids — particles, water, oil aging products (oxidation residues, varnish, oil sludge) and acids. Filtermaterial made of 100% natural fibres. Thanks to the unique combination of filter material and type of filtration, our fine filter inserts offer an extraordinarily high dirt holding capacity and absolute filtration. Heat-resistant, acid-resistant and robust, the natural fibers are also ideally suited for demanding filtration cases. We continuously develop our filter material to achieve the best result: highest oil and fluid cleanliness — efficient and cost-optimal for every application.

How you benefit from CJC® Fine Filter Inserts

  • You optimally protect your oils and fluids – remove all contaminants and slow down oil aging

  • Ensure maximum wear protection and preserve the expensive in-line filters

  • Because of the high filter capacities, you benefit from an excellent price-performance ratio

  • For filter insert replacement of our fine filter inserts you don’t have to take the machine out of operation

  • Fewer oil changes, fewer failures, lower costs and at the same time resource-saving maintenance

Product advantages — CJC® Fine Filter Inserts

icon 4-in-1 solution, highest fluid cleanliness

4-in-1 solution

Our fine filter inserts remove particles, water, oil aging products and adcids.

icon cellulose filter, natural fibres, fine filter inserts

100 % natural fibres

The filter material made from sustainable raw materials preserves resources and the environment — 0 % metals, 0 % chemicals.

depth filter, fine filter inserts

Depth filter

Our fine filter inserts are solids that provide an internal surface area of 120-150 m² per gram.

icon absolut filter, fine filter inserts

Filter efficiency

The filtration degree of each fine filter insert is 3 μm absolute with a retention rate of up to < 1 μm (submicron range).

Watch our video and gain an insight into our depth filters:

Product features — CJC® Fine Filter Inserts

depth filter, fine filter inserts, depth filter insert

We have developed and optimized the filter material and design of each CJC® Fine Filter Insert specially for its particular application area. For the extraction of the filter material, we search for and combine the suitable cellulose and cotton fibers in special selection processes.

Heat-resistant, acid-resistant and absolutely robust, the cellulose filters are ideal for:

  • Mineral oils and synthetic lubricants up to ISO VG 460 / 40 °C, including biodegradable fluids
  • water-containing oils and fluids, e. g. water glycol and cooling lubricants
  • Oils and fluids with extremely high dirt ingress and thermal stress, e. g quenching and thermal oils.
  • Oils and fluids with a high tendency to acidify, e. g. gas engine oils and phosphoric acid esters
  • Oils and fluids with high water content that has to be minimized in short time, e. g. insulating oils

CJC® Fine Filter Inserts are depth filters, i. e. contaminants are retained in the depth of the filter material. The whole volume of the insert made of finely ramified fibers offers an additional inner surface of 120 to 150 m² per gram in addition to the outer surface. This results in an enormously high filter capacity. The higher the capacity, the longer the filter lifetime. How much dirt a CJC® Fine FIlter Insert can ultimately absorb depends on the type of contaminants.

depth filter, filter capacity

Surface filters retain contaminants only on the surface and offer a comparatively low filter capacity despite folding. Frequent filter changes are the result:

surface filter, in-line filter

Solid particles are permanently retained between the cellulose fibers. 75% of the insert volume forms a cavity structure.

Via capillary attraction all three stages of water – free, emulsified and dissolved water – is absorbed by the cellulose fibers. This function can be deactivated for aqueous fluids.

Oil degradation products
Oxidation residues, varnish, resins and sludge-like degradation products deposit permanently on the cellulose fibers with a combination of adsorption and absorption.

Inorganic acids (nitric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.) dissolved in the water are absorbed by the cellulose with the water. The generation of organic acids is prevented by minimising oil ageing products (precursors).

Field tests from practice confirm that we achieve and maintain the oil cleanliness levels recommended by manufacturers for the most sensitive components.

All CJC® Fine Filter Inserts have a filtration degree of 3 µm absolute with a retention rate of 1 µm nominal and smaller (submicron range). That means, that > 98.7 % of all solid particles > 3 µm and > 50 % of all solid particles > 1 µm in are retained in one filter pass.

The filtration efficiency of the CJC® Fine Filter Inserts in the submicron range depends on the particular formulation / recept that is used fibres. So special insert types achieve a filtration efficiency of > 10% for solid particles >0.1 µm.

CJC® Fine Filter Inserts are particularly efficient because they ensure a long contact time between fluid and filter material.

For filter insert replacement the machine remains in operation because the CJC® Oil Care System operates independently in a separate circuit.

CJC® Fine Filter Inserts constist of 100 % natural fibres made of sustainable resources. They thus comply with the objectives of DIN EN ISO 14001 “environmental management systems” and the circular economy. In Germany, you can dispose of CJC® Fine Filter Inserts according to the waste key 150202 — 0% metals and 0% chemicals.

CJC® Fine Filter Inserts

Whether hydraulic, lubricating or gear oil, turbine or compressor oil or extreme cases such as thermal oil, quenching oil, cooling lubricant or gas engine oil — CJC® Fine Filter Inserts ensure the highest oil and fluid cleanliness. Sensationally high dirt holding capacities and excellent separation performance make turn them into an efficient and cost-optimal solution.

Fine Filter Inserts 15/12, depth filter, cellulose filter, absolute filter

CJC® Fine Filter Inserts 15/12

Dirt holding capacity:
approx. 550 g

Water absorption capacity:
220 to 250 ml

Fine Filter Inserts 15/25, depth filter, cellulose filter, absolute filter

CJC® Fine Filter Inserts 15/25

Dirt holding capacity:
approx. 1.1 g

Water absorption capacity:
500 to 600 ml

Fine Filter Inserts 27/, depth filter, cellulose filter, absolute filter

CJC® Fine Filter Inserts 27/-

Dirt holding capacity
up to 40 kg

Water absorption capacity:
0.9 – 5.2 l

Fine Filter Inserts 38/, depth filter, cellulose filter, absolute filter

CJC® Fine Filter Inserts 38/100 & 27/100

Dirt holding capacity
up to 85 kg

Water absorption capacity:
3.4 – 9 l

Fine Filter Inserts 327/, depth filter, cellulose filter, absolute filter

CJC® Fine Filter Inserts 327/-

Dirt holding capacity
up to 120 kg

Water absorption capacity:
6 – 15.6 l

Fine Filter Inserts 427/, depth filter, cellulose filter, absolute filter

CJC® Fine Filter Inserts 427/-

Dirt holding capacity:
up to 160 kg

Water absorption capacity:
14.4 -20.8 l

Fine Filter Inserts 727/, depth filter, cellulose filter, absolute filter

CJC® Fine Filter Inserts 727/-

Dirt holding capacity:
up to 280 kg

Water absorption capacity:
25.2 – 36.4 l

Write or call your regional contact person now

Do you have questions about our fine filter inserts, depth filtration or filter efficiency under real conditions? Is your oil or fluid exceptionally heavily loaded and you do not know whether it can be filtered with our fine filter inserts and whether the desired oil or fluid purity can be achieved? Our regional technical contacts are at your side with help and advice.

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CJC® Oil Care and Fluid Care, Oil Samples Before-After
CJC® Oil Care and Fluid Care, Oil Samples Before-After
CJC® Oil Care and Fluid Care, Oil Samples Before-After

That say our customers

Container vessel, lube oil care, 4-stroke diesel engine

„The CJC lube oil filter […] is a reliable and efficient alternative […]. […] engine lube oil properties were maintained in specified areas (viscosity, additives, TBN, particle and water content) or improved (e. g. dispersancy). The high savings potential regarding lube oil losses, energy costs and CO2 emissions are convincing […].“
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Superintendent, Hapag-Lloyd AG
Hydrauliktank, Hydraulikpresse, Hydrauliköl pflegen

“I am pleasantly surprised how quickly the oil was cleaned. The service life of the in-tank filter has been extended significantly, and the maintenance effort has been reduced obviously. The result is so convincing that we decided to purchase a CJC offline filter for the forge as well.”
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Maintenance Manager, Otto Fuchs KG
Sauberes Schmieröl, mit CJC Ölpflege im Nebenstrom,

„We are convinced […]. The oil is clean and clear […] otherwise there would have been huge damage of several thousand euros with enormous downtimes and production losses. […] impressed […], that the fine filtration of the oil has such an extreme impact on wear pattern. […] remaining five crushers were also equipped with CJC offline filters.“
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Workshop manager, Röhrig granit GmbH
Druckgießmaschine, HFC-Fluid pflegen

„The high quality of the die-cast parts relies on well-functioning production plants, which can be achieved only with proactive maintenance and, among other things, an absolutely clean operating medium (HFC fluid).“
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Maintenance manager, die-casting, Albert Handtmann Metallgusswerk GmbH & Co. KG
Cargo ship, tanker, oil care, lubricating oil, 4-stroke diesel engine

“Our experiences with operation and filter replacement are excellent! We have weight the used filter insert. The drained net weight among 49.2 kg – i. e. in total, the CJC® Oil Filter >removed 38 kg dirt. The engine lube oil on the test membrane is brown and not black anymore! The CJC® Oil Filter is really efficient :)!”
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Technical inspector, Cargo vessel „MV EIDSVAAG VEGA“
Zementmühle, Getriebeöl pflegen

„The comprehensive oil analyses of OELCHECK convinced us. They clearly show the continuous improvement of the oil quality – further gearboxes will be retrofitted with CJC filters.“
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Manager metal working shop, Portlandzementwerk Wittekind Hugo Miebach Söhne KG
Fest-Los-Lagerung, Zementmühle

“Having undertaken an assessment of our onsite lubrication activities, we introduced a program of offline filter installations as a proactive maintenance strategy across the site. This has allowed us to move from a situation where oil replacements were frequent to nearly no oil changes at all. CJC oil filters have been a huge help in this program.”
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Maintenance Manager, Cement plant, Ireland
Mobiler Getriebeoelfilter an Planetengetriebe, Muldenkipper

“Within just two hours, the oil in the gearboxes could be cleaned to such an cleanliness level that it was comparable to fresh oil.”
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Workshop manager, Compañia Minera Disputada de las Condes CMD

„The perfect solution to help our oil-consumption-ratio concerns, now we can save on oil change and can increase our machine reliability.”
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Head of lubricants, Holcim Philippines Incorporated