Desorber D30

The CJC Desorber D30 is ideal to decrease the water content in oil by desorption with high efficiency and within the shortest time. Desorption is based on the principle that heated air can effectively hold large quantities of water. In the Desorber the 70-degree warm oil is met by a counter flow of cold, dry air. The air, heated very quickly by the warm oil, absorbs any water present until saturation is reached.

Water in oil leads to a change in viscosity and reduced filterability and lubricity. Furthermore, water acts catalytically on the oil ageing. Corrosion, Cavitation, wear and bacterial growth, as well as accelerated oil ageing, are the consequences – all factors, which reduce the lifetime of components and oil.

The advantage of the CJC Desorber is that the water separation ability and oil drying is unaffected by viscosity and additive package. The Desorber is ideal for mineral oils as well as for synthetic fluids – even EALs (environmentally friendly lubricants)/biodegradable oils – and is also able to break stable emulsions. The CJC Desorber can maintain the water content within oil systems to very low levels.


  • Removal of large amounts of water – preventive against acidification of the oil and bacterial growth
  • Oil drying even with a water content of up to 70 % – even in the case of stable emulsions
  • Protection against corrosion, cavitation and wear
  • Extension of the lifetime of components and oil
  • Avoidance of unscheduled breakdowns and downtimes
  • Reduction of maintenance costs


  • Paper mills
  • Steel mills
  • Waste oil recovery plants
  • Biodiesel plants
  • Power plants
  • Large hydraulic systems
Technical data
CJC Desorber D30
Oil volume, max. 5,000 l
Viscosity range ISO VG 32 up to 320
Water separation > > 2 l/h
Pump flow, inlet 250 l/h
Power consumption, approx. 3.6 kW
Motor voltage 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Current 13.5 A
Net weight, approx. 265 kg
Dimensions 1550 x 950 x 680 mm
CJC Desorber D30

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