How you can drain rainwater from catch basins of transformer stations —
automated, documented and environmentally safe

SIPP Node: Your solution for transformer pit management 4.0

How you can drain rainwater from catch basins of transformer stations —
automated, documented and environmentally safe

SIPP Node: Your solution for transformer pit management 4.0


SIPP Node ensures the automatic, environmentally safe, quality-controlled and documented drainage of water from catch basins of transformer stations — without the need for on-site personnel. The top priority is compliance with legal guidelines regarding the residual oil content when discharging water into the environment. The SIPP Node ensures sufficient oil capacity in the catch basin — at all times. Economically and ecologically convincing, already > 20,000 derivatives confirm the success.

How you benefit from installing a SIPP Node

  • Significantly reduced personnel and disposal costs — because in over 90% of cases,
    the water can be drained automatically via the SIPP node.

  • Know the exact fill level in the catch basin of your transformer station at any time.

  • Check the exact oil content in the water to the second via online monitoring.

  • Document all process data of a derivative completely and easily comprehensibly.

  • Receive real-time alerts via e-mail, SMS or FTP server (fill level, filter saturation, etc.).

  • Legal guidelines for the discharge of water into the environment are strictly adhered to.

With your SIPP node, you automate and simplify processes that previously required on-site personnel.

Product Benefits — SIPP Node

SIPP node, optimally customizable

Optimally customizable

You can optimally adapt the SIPP Node to any catch basin in three sizes with different capacities and individually configurable messages.

SIPP Node, Secure and Communicative

Secure & communicative

The SIPP Node communicates via GPRS with a fixed IP address and SSL encryption. You have access to all status and process data at any time.

SIPP Node, Accurate & environmentally safe

Accurate & environmentally safe

With a sampling frequency accurate to the second and a measurement accuracy of +/- 1 ppm, the SIPP Node detects the tiniest oil particles in the water of the catch basin.

SIPP Node, Tested & Proven

Tested & proven

DIBt, the German Institute for Construction Technology and TÜV Rheinland approves the SIPP Node. But the SIPP Node is also proven and renowned worldwide.

Product Features — SIPP Node

The SIPP Node has an integrated sensor for real-time monitoring of the current water level in the catch basin of your transformer station. When the water level you have pre-defined is reached, the discharge begins. The SIPP Node directs the water from the catchment basin to its measuring cell, which detects the oil content in the water. The filter upstream of the measuring cell (filtration degree 10 μm) removes solids and impurities from the water and thus prevents the results from being affected. With a measuring accuracy of +/- 1 ppm, the measuring cell uses infrared light to determine the oil content in the water every second. Subsequently, the control module regulates the discharge or, if necessary, the return of the water into the catch basin. The SIPP Node discharges only unpolluted water into the environment, which does not exceed the maximum permissible oil content (e.g. max. 5 ppm for transformer stations and discharge into the sewer system).

Functional diagram, flow diagram, SIPP node
SIPP Node, drainage of water from catchment basins of transformer stations

SIPP Node 50, 200 and 5000

With a capacity of max. 50, 200 or 500 m³ of water per year.

Customer cases

Real-world reports show the savings and benefits operators have achieved using their SIPP Nodes.

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