Filter Separator 327/-

The CJC Filter Separator 327/- is an offline filter which due to the unique combination of filter material and filtration type simultaneously removes large amounts of water, particles, oil ageing products (oxidation products, varnish, sludge etc.) and acid compounds from the oil with extremely high efficiency.

For large amounts of water in the oil or continuous water ingress in the oil system the CJC Filter Separator 327/- is the appropriate solution for simultaneous drying and fine filtration of the oil.

CJC Fine Filter Inserts are the only filters in the worldwide that, combines with an exceptionally high dirt holding capacity, simultaneously minimize all four types of contamination and consist of 100 % renewable raw materials.


  • Lubrication oil (paper machines, turbines, thrusters, rolling mills etc.)
  • Hydraulic oil (presses, machine tools, mobile hydraulic etc.)


  • longer lifetime for oil and components
  • less oil-related, cost-intensive machine failures
  • Oil drying and simultaneous removal of particles, oil ageing products and acid compounds
  • high filter efficiency by continuous fine and depth filtration combined with coalescing filtration, independent from the operation of the machine
  • constantly high oil cleanliness
  • longer service lifetime of the expensive in-line filters
  • optimum filtration performance by the specifically dimensioned pump

The constant high oil cleanliness level permanently achieved by off-line fine filtration prolongs the lifetime of system components and oil by a factor 2 up to >10!

Technical data
CJC Filter Separator P5 327/54 P5 327/81 P5 327/108
Oil volume, max. 15,000 l 22,500 l 30,000 l
Design temperature 80 °C
Material filter housing Stainless steel or steel
Pump flow application-oriented, max. 3,000 l/h
Power consumption, approx. 0.25 – 0.9 kW
Design pressure 2 bar
Filter inserts 6 pieces 9 pieces 12 pieces
Filter capacity – CJC Filter Insert 327/-
Filtration degree 3 down to 1 micron
Dirt holding capacity, approx. 12 kg 18 kg 24 kg
Water separation automatic
  • Pump with motor
  • Electrical control
  • Automatic bleeding and venting valve for quick filter insert replacement
  • Pressure switch for monitoring the degree of saturation of filter inserts
  • Non-return valve to avoid return flow
  • Base plate
  • Sampling point
  • Leakage sensor
  • Divided filter dome
  • Preheater
  • Manual water separation
  • Design for high fluid temperatures and pressures
  • Filter housing according to ASME, with/without U-Stamp
Certification on request, e. g.
  • DNV-GL
  • Bureau Veritas
  • ABS
  • Lloyd’s Register