Varnish Removal Unit

The CJC Varnish Removal Unit (VRU) removes varnish and soft contaminantssuspended and dissolved — and decreases the MPC-index (MPC = Membrane Patch Colorimetry) from oils with revolutionary high efficiency. The CJC VRU is ideal for mineral oils and synthetic fluids, especially turbine oil, lubrication oil and hydraulic oil. Independent on the industry, varnish and other oil ageing products are the leading cause of numerous problems, such as costly production downtimes due to machine breakdowns as well as the resulting production losses, etc.


Due to the optimized filtration process of the CJC Varnish Removal Unit (VRU) varnish and oil ageing products — suspended and dissolved — are permanently retained from the oil system The specially developed CJC Fine Filter Insert VRi, which is exclusively made of natural material (cellulose) has the capability to capture not only varnish but also significant amounts of particles, water and oil ageing products. The combination of the filtration process, filter material used and installation principle achieve high oil cleanliness and an extremely low MPC value <of 10 within a short time. The CJC VRU is so effective that after only one filter pass, the oil returned to the tank is almost completely freed from varnish. The removal of varnish avoids downtime and saves hydro components, minimizes maintenance costs and increases plant availability and reliability. Any additional load on the oil, energetically, or chemical is avoided. The clean oil solves further varnish from the system components with which it comes into contact so that the varnish is finally removed from the entire system.


  • Turbine oil (gas turbines, steam turbines etc.)
  • Lubrication oil (turbines, compressors etc.)
  • Hydraulic oil (Hydraulic presses etc.)

independent from oil temperature, oil and machine type.


  • constantly low MPC-value < 10
  • no sticky deposits or layer on valves, bearings and in-line filters
  • less varnish-related, cost-intensive machine failures
  • improved long-term effect of the antioxidants
  • simultaneous removal of particles, water and oil ageing products — suspended and dissolved
  • longer lifetime of oil and components
  • extensive tank cleanings and system flushings can be avoided

Varnish Removal Unit 27/108

Oil volume, max.: 45,000 Litres

Filtration degree:
3 down to 1 micron

Dirt holding capacity:
approx. 8 kg

Water holding capacity:
approx. 8 l