Varnish Removal Unit 27/108

The CJC Varnish Filter Unit 27/108 is a varnish filter, which removes varnish — suspended and dissolved — from mineral and synthetic oils with revolutionary high efficiency. The varnish filter is ideal for turbine oil, lubrication oil and hydraulic oil. Due to the optimized filtration process the soft contaminants — pre-cursors of varnish — are retained within the CJC Varnish Filter Unit 27/108 and completely removed from the system when replacing the CJC Fine Filter Insert. The CJC Fine Filter Insert VRi is a cartridge that consists of bonded cellulose discs. For the extraction of a filter material that removes extremely efficiently especially varnish and oxidation residues, several different cellulose fibers were selected and combined for the CJC fine filter cartridge VRi in a special selection process. Due to the special properties of cellulose, the CJC Fine Filter Insert VRi simultaneously removes varnish and other oil ageing products as well as solid particles and water from the oil — i. e. only one filter material for all types of contamination.
This type of filter cartridge is used exclusively in the CJC Varnish Removal Unit 27/108 because only in conjunction with this particular filter type a proper functioning is ensured. The specific treatment process and the optimized flow rate within the varnish filter ensure the crystallization of the dissolved oxidation residues from the oil. In addition to the suspended, the dissolved impurities are also removed from the oil.

CJC Varnish Removal Unit 27/108
50 Hz 60 Hz
Oil volume, max. 45,000 l
Oil temperature, max. 105 °C
Pump type Screw pump and gear wheel pump
Power consumption, approx. 2.4 kW 4.4 kW
Current at full load, max. 3.5 kW 5.4 kW
Filtration degree 3 down to 1 micron
Filter insert VRi 27/27 4 pieces
Holding capacities:
Varnish, approx. 8 kg
Particles, approx. 8 kg
Water, approx. 8 l
Filter insert replacement by differential pressure
Pressure drop, max. 2.3 bar
Net weight, approx. 245 kg 318 kg
Dimensions (L x B x H) 1600 x 650 x 1598 mm 2000 x 650 x 1598 mm
Dimensions (lift height) 575 mm