Oil care and fluid care with CJC®: Your filter for the highest level of oil cleanliness

Oil care and fluid care with CJC® is a MUST if you …

  • worry about machine downtime because you have to change oil, filters and components regularly.

  • have installed and tested a lot of oil filters, but these filters could not achieve the specified oil cleanliness.

  • wish that fluid management and maintenance would cost much less money, time and nerves.

Because our solutions ensure the highest levels of fluid and oil cleanliness – quickly and cost-effectively:
CJC® Oil Care Systems installed in the off-line or secondary circuit.

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We offer oil care systems that we optimally adapt to your machine.

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You can expect a personal, regional contact person who will also visit you on-site.

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On the basis of your machine data we demonstrate that the investment is more than worthwhile.

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We check difficult cases for filterability in our laboratory and offer cost-effective solutions.


CJC® Oil Care Systems for oil care and fluid care

CJC® Oil Care Systems

  • Maximize oil lifetime

  • Minimize wear and tear

  • Improve machine reliability

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CJC® Oil Care 4.0 for oil care systems

CJC® Oil Care 4.0

  • Detect deviation from normal condition at the earliest

  • Change your oils and fluids condition-based

  • Optimize your oil-analysis-program

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CJC® Fine and Depth Filter Inserts for oil care systems

CJC® Fine and Depth Filter Inserts

  • Remove all contaminants from oils and fluids

  • Protect the cost-intensive in-line filters

  • Minimize downtimes due to filter insert replacements

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Let us start a conversation about your machine, oil, requirements and targets.

Receive a personal consultation and a non-binding offer for an oil care system that we optimally adapt to your machine.

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CJC® oil sample before-after
CJC® oil sample before-after
CJC® oil sample before-after


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CJC® Oil Care Systems remove all contaminants: particles, water, oil degradation residues and acids. Only with clean and dry oil can you extend oil and additives’ lifetime.

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Buy, Rent or Subscribe

We rent our CJC® Oil Care Systems for up to 12 months – with the option to buy the system. Alternatively, we offer overall carefree packages as a subscription.

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Experts at your side

We are experts in oil care and fluid care with 70 years of field experience. Our technical salespersons advise you personally and concrete to your oil and machine.

CJC® Icon filter material natural fibres

100 % natural fibres

We produce mainly filter inserts made of 100% natural fibres. That means 0% plastic and 0% metals. That is good for our environment.

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Containerschiff, Ölpflege, Schmieröl, 4-Takt-Dieselmotor

„The CJC lube oil filter […] is a reliable and efficient alternative […]. […] engine lube oil properties were maintained in specified areas (viscosity, additives, TBN, particle and water content) or improved (e. g. dispersancy). The high savings potential regarding lube oil losses, energy costs and CO2 emissions are convincing […].“
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Superintendent, Hapag-Lloyd AG
Hydrauliktank, Hydraulikpresse, Hydrauliköl pflegen

“I am pleasantly surprised how quickly the filter cleaned the oil. The service life of the built-in tank filter has been extended significantly, and the maintenance effort has been reduced significantly. The result is so convincing that we decided to purchase a CJC off-line filter for the forge as well.”
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Maintenance Manager, Otto Fuchs KG

“It is remarkable how clean the oil has become. We have already tried several filters, but only with the filters from CJC, we achieve the desired oil purity. In the meantime, we have already retrofitted four systems in our production with CJC off-line filters.”

To application study forging press

To application study ring rolling machine

Head of technical services, Platestahl Umformtechnik GmbH
Sauberes Schmieröl, mit CJC Ölpflege im Nebenstrom,

“We are convinced […]. The oil is clean and clear […]. So we could avoid massive damage and therefore several thousand euros maintenance costs, enormous downtimes and production losses. […] impressed […] that the fine filtration of the oil has such an extreme impact on wear pattern. […] we also equipped the remaining five crushers with CJC off-line filters.”
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Workshop manager, Röhrig granit GmbH
hydrauliköl filter im nebenstrom, hydraulikpressen

„We are very satisfied with the CJC off-line filter. The filter insert has to be replaced only once per year.”

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Department maintenance, press plant, BMW AG
Druckgießmaschine, HFC-Fluid pflegen

“The high quality of the die-cast parts relies on well-functioning production plants, which can be achieved only with proactive maintenance, especially with absolutely clean operating medium (HFC fluid) among other things.”
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Maintenance manager, die-casting, Albert Handtmann Metallgusswerk GmbH & Co. KG
Frachtschiff, Tanker, Ölpflege, Schmieröl, 4-Takt-Dieselmotor

“Our experiences with operation and filter replacement are excellent! We have weight the used filter insert. The drained net weight among 49.2 kg – i. e. in total, the CJC oil filter >removed 38 kg dirt. The engine lube oil on the test membrane is brown and not black anymore! The CJC oil filter is really efficient :)!”
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Technical inspector, Cargo vessel „MV EIDSVAAG VEGA“
Zementmühle, Getriebeöl pflegen

„The comprehensive oil analyses of OELCHECK convinced us. They clearly show the continuous improvement of the oil quality – we will retrofit further gearboxes with CJC filters.“
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Manager metal working shop, Portlandzementwerk Wittekind Hugo Miebach Söhne KG
Fest-Los-Lagerung, Zementmühle

“Having assessed our on-site lubrication activities, we introduced a program of off-line filter installations as proactive maintenance strategy across the site. The off-line filter has allowed us to move from a situation where oil replacements were frequent to nearly no oil changes at all. CJC oil filters have been a huge help in this program.”
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Maintenance Manager, Cement plant, Ireland
Mobiler Getriebeoelfilter an Planetengetriebe, Muldenkipper

“Within just two hours, the filter cleaned the oil in the gearboxes to such a cleanliness level that it was comparable to fresh oil.”
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Workshop manager, Compañia Minera Disputada de las Condes CMD

“The perfect solution to improve our oil-consumption-ratio. We save oil changes and have increased the machine reliability.”
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Head of lubricants, Holcim Philippines Incorporated


With efficient oil care, you extend the oil lifetime and save oil changes. A longer oil lifetime means you must purchase less fresh oil and dispose of less waste oil. The thermal disposal of waste oil causes per 1 Litre 2.6 kg CO2.

0 kg
CO2 are saved per avoided oil change (machine with 1,000 Litre oil volume)
0 kg
CO2 are saved per avoided oil change (machine with 5,000 Litre oil volume)
0 kg
CO2 are saved per avoided oil change (machine with 10,000 Litre oil volume)

How large is the oil volume in your machine?

Enter your machine’s oil volume and calculate how much CO2 you save per avoided oil change.


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