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Oil care in maritime applications: CJC® Oil Care Systems are your solution

Oil care in maritime applications, whether on board or in the harbour, is enormously important if …

  • your goal is to reduce oil consumption and CO2 emissions on your vessels.

  • you want to extend the service life of your hydraulic and lubrication systems and thus protect resources.

  • you focus on high reliability and availability of your engines, drive and manoeuvring systems – at all times.

  • you are annoyed by wear-related off-hire times that endanger your processes, supply chains and sales.

The solution for your systems on board and in port: CJC® Oil Care Systems. Achieve maximum cleanliness for your lubricants and fuels for morge reliability, availability and efficiency — quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Oil care on board and in the harbour

Discover your numerous benefits and enormous savings potential. Whether inland water vessel, fishing boat, tug, tanker, passenger ship, cargo ship, supply or container ship, the investment in efficient oil care systems is worthwhile:

Engine oil filtration and care, cjc lube oil filter

Thruster Gear Oil Care

Challenges, case studies and solutions

Engine Lube Oil Care

Challenges, case studies and solutions

oil care in maritime applications, supply ship

Engines Fuel Care

Challenges, case studies and solutions

oil care in maritime applications

Hydraulic Oil Care

Challenges, case studies and solutions

That say our customers

Gear oil filtration, thrusters, harbour tug

“Only with the CJC® Thruster Filter could the transmission oil finally be dried satisfactorily. Without CJC®, we would have had to change the 1,500 litres of transmission oil soon. By avoiding the oil change, we were able to save 4,890 EUR (3.26 EUR/litre) – an important contribution not only in terms of budget, but also in terms of resource conservation. The excellent results convinced us, so that we decided to purchase two identical CJC® systems for our tugs “Bugsier-5” and “Bugsier-6”.

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gear oil maintenance, thruster, harbour tug

The CJC® Thruster Filter allows us to remain the tug in operation for 6 months before its next technical shutdown. The results of the oil analyses are clear and clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the CJC® Thruster Filter.”

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filtration and maintenance of gear oil, thruster, offshore supply vessel

„After having tested nearly every piece of water removing equipment on the market in order to solve our water and contamination problem, we went for the CJC® Thruster Filters, because it was simply the best. The filters did the job to our greatest satisfaction, removing particles, water and other waste products. CJC® Thruster Filters for oil maintenance are a very good investment. The return of investment is very short.“

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Technical inspector, Gulf Offshore Norway AS, Supply Vessel
Lube oil treatmennt, hong kong express, hapag lloyd

“The CJC® Lube Oil Filters […] reliable and efficient alternative […]. […] engine lube oil properties were maintained in specified areas (viscosity, additives, TBN, particle and water content) or improved (e. g. dispersancy). The high savings potential regarding lube oil losses, energy costs and CO2 emissions are convincing […].“

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Superintendent, Hapag-Lloyd AG
Cargo ship, tanker, oil care, lubricating oil, 4-stroke diesel engine

“Our experiences with operation and filter replacement are excellent! We have weight the used filter insert. The drained net weight among 49.2 kg – i. e. in total, the CJC® Oil Filter >removed 38 kg dirt. The engine lube oil on the test membrane is brown and not black anymore! The CJC® Oil Filter is really efficient :)!”

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Technical inspector, Eidsvaag AS, cargo ship
lube oil care, diesel electric propulsion, main engine, ferry

“We have only had positive experiences with the CJC® Oil Filters. The quality of the oil is as good as before, in every respect actually even better. The appearance of the oil changed from dark to light and corresponds to that of new oil. We save man-hours and chemicals used to clean the centrifuge and have less clutter in the engine room. Also, no sludge is produced during filtration. The centrifuge feeds out every hour. Displacement water/rinsing water is used for cleaning. The oil loss caused by centrifugation contaminates the water. The resulting sludge consists of about 0.2 liters of oil (oil loss) and about 2.5 liters of water (cleaning) and is discharged directly into the sludge tank. With 8,700 outlets per year, this is about 1,740 liters of oil and about 21,750 liters of water. The costs for the disposal of this amount of sludge amount to approx. 2,013 EUR/year. In addition, lubricating oil consumption is reduced. This is because the oil loss that occurs during centrifugation and in the event of failures or malfunctions amounts to about 2,500 to 3,000 liters per year. At a price of 1.34 EUR per litre, this brings us a saving of about 3,356 to 4,027 EUR/year. All around a good investment and if we do not switch to electric drive, we will definitely install oil filters on the DG1 and DG2 engines as well.”

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Senior C/E, Scandlines
oil maintenance in maritime applications, inland waterway vessels

“I can only recommend the installation of CJC® Lube Oil Foil filters — it’s hard to believe how much dirt a single cartridge can hold.”

“I can only recommend the installation of CJC® Lube Oil Filters — it’s hard to believe how much dirt a single cartridge can hold.”

oil maintenance in maritime applications, inland waterway vessels

“I already had a filter for diesel filtering on the old ship (also Shenandoah) and was always satisfied with it. For my new building I really wanted to have a CJC® system again. For even better engine care, I also decided to clean the lubricating oil with a CJC® fine filter!”

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Shipowner, M/S BOLIVAR
oil maintenance in maritime applications, inland waterway vessels

“The filter system and the oil analyses fully convinced me! The oil was still bright and clear after > 700 running hours. The injection nozzles are also much cleaner! The improved oil purity not only extends the service life, but also protects the engine components even better against wear and contamination/deposits!”

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Shipowner, M/S ANTARO
ölpflege in der schifffahrt, passagierschiff

“The difference between oil condition before and after installation of the CJC® Lube Oil Filter is clearly visible — the color of the oil is again a bit more golden. The biggest challenge with centrifuges is that they feed out a lot of oil sludge ( sludge). Although the sludge consists of 90-95% water, the disposal of this sludge as well as the operation of the centrifuge is very expensive.”

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Chief Engineer, Samsø Rederi, M/F Prinsesse Isabella
oil care in maritime applications, supply ship

“I recommend leaving our lubricating oil centrifuges on land and purchasing more CJC® filters for the remaining engines. The advantage of this is that we no longer need to use the centrifuges and thus have considerable cost and time savings. According to a rough estimate, the use of these two lubricating oil centrifuges produces 280 m³ of sludge per year (8 l of sludge per change, 4 changes per hour). Part of the sludge is made of lubricating oil, which means that we can also significantly reduce lubricating oil consumption. The disposal of the sludge also incurs high costs — for spare parts for the incinerator and the bilge water system, diesel for the combustion process — which we are now saving. Not to mention the positive impact on the environment — as an extra bonus.”

Technical Inspector:
“I worked for many years as a senior engineer on ships and had good experiences with CJC® filters, so I was not surprised by the good result. We will now also install similar CJC® filters on the other 3 engines of the Bourbon Mistral, as well as on the 4 engines of the sister ship M/S Bourbon Monsoon.”

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Chief engineer, Bourbon Offshore Norway
filtration and maintenance of gear oil, thruster, offshore supply vessel

“It all looks promising. If the service life of the filter cartridge is one year, the running costs are significantly lower than with the centrifuge. I would also like to mention that maintenance times will be reduced. I think the photos speak for themselves…”

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Chief engineer, GulfMark Offshore, Supply Vessel
Hydraulic oil care, pontoon excavator LIEBHERR P995 Litronic

“We are very satisfied with the test process and intend to install further CJC® Hydraulic Filters.”

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Chief Inspector, Josef Möbius Bau-Aktiengesellschaft

“I highly recommend talking to CJC®! Especially if the oil condition on board your ships presents you with challenges. These systems work!

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Technical Supervisor, Dublin Port Company
hydraulic oil care, main engine man 12k98 me-c6, hydraulic system injection pumps and exhaust valves

“Only by installing the CJC® Hydraulic Filters can the requirements for the ME hydraulic system be met.

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Technical inspector, Hapag-Lloyd AG

“The CJC® Hydraulic Filter fulfills what it promises. I would recommend it without hesitation for cleaning a system contaminated with water and particles.

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Chief engineer, Vinnslustöðin Vestmannaeyjum, B/V Jón Vidalin

“In my experience with these systems, I can recommend them without hesitation.

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Chief engineer, Fiskafurðir, F/V Viking
oil care in maritime applications, training ship, sailing ship

“In conjunction with the results obtained, it becomes clear that the use of a CJC® Lube Oil Filter extends the service life of the oil. Texaco’s analyses showed a reduction in iron content from 16 ppm to 5 ppm. The service life of the fine filter cartridge was shorter than expected, but this was due to the low utilization of the engine and the resulting high soot load.”

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Chief Inspector, Chilean Navy, training ship

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filtration in the inline and offline flow, oil samples
filtration in the inline and offline flow, oil samples
filtration in the inline and offline flow, oil samples