Offline Filters 727/108

CJC Offline Fine Filters 727/108 are fine filters (filtration degree 3 down to 1 micron), which simultaneously remove particles, water, oil ageing products and acidic components from the oil with high efficiency. Due to the combination of filtration type (depth filtration) and filter material (cellulose), CJC Offline Fine Filters 727/108 offer an extremely high dirt and water holding capacity.

CJC Fine Filter Inserts made of cellulose are specially designed and optimized for various applications. CJC Fine Filter Inserts for CJC Offline Fine Filters 727/108 are ideal for following applications:

Optionally, they can also be combined with CJC Filter Inserts made of other filter materials to solve even difficult applications individually.

  • Oils and fluids with high potential to generate acids, e. g. HFD fluids, gas engine oils
  • Oils and fluids with high water content that has to be minimized in a short time, e. g. insulating oils
  • Oils and fluids with high acidification or high water content and simultaneous contamination with particles and oil ageing products


  • simultaneous removal of particles, water, oil ageing products and acid compounds from oil
  • independent and continuous fine and depth filtration in the off-line circuit or batch operation (24/7)
  • extremely high dirt and water holding capacity due to depth filtration – compared to surface filters from conventional filter systems contaminants are retained in the depth of the filter material
  • Filter material made of 100% renewable raw materials – environmentally friendly from insert production until their disposal
  • low energy consumption
  • simple installation, mounting and operation
  • low-maintenance, typically annually

The constant high oil cleanliness level permanently achieved by off-line fine filtration prolongs the lifetime of system components and oil by a factor 2 up to >10 and more!

Technical data
CJC Off-line Fine Filter 727/108
Oil volume, max. 70,000 l
Oil temperature, max. *) 130 °C
Material filter housing Steel
Pump flow application-oriented, max. 12,000 l/h
Power consumption, approx. 0.25 – 5 kW
Motor voltage DC / AC
Pressure drop, max. 2 bar
Net weight, approx. 723 kg
Gross weight, approx. 1,323 kg
Filter inserts 28 pieces
Filter capacity – CJC Fine Filter Inserts 727/108
Filtration degree 3 down to 1 micron
Dirt holding capacity, approx. 56 kg
Depends on type of contaminations – e. g. when using quenching oil up to 280 kg
Water holding capacity **) 25.2 – 36.4 ml
Filter capacity – CJC Filter Insert type MS
Water holding capacity, approx. 42 l
Filter capacity – CJC Fine Filter Inserts Typ AM, AO, BE
Neutralization capability **)
with 1,000 litres fluid **)
0,73 – 4,26
  • Sampling point for oil analyses
  • Pressure switch for monitoring the degree of saturation of filter inserts
  • Automatic bleeding and venting valve for quick filter insert replacement
  • Motor protection switch with integrated ON/OFF switch
  • Non-return valve to avoid a return flow
  • Base plate as drip pan
  • Leakage sensor
  • Electrical control
  • Preheater
  • Prefilter
  • Continuous air vent

*) Designs for other fluid conditions available on request.
**) Depends on filter insert type.