How to change the filter insert in your CJC® HDU 27/- quickly and easily

Instruction: CJC® Fine Filter Unit HDU 27/-

Warning triangle
Warning not "hot surfaces"



Piping and filter housings may contain hot fluid. Contact can cause burns.

Stop CJC® Fine Filter HDU 15/25

Switch off CJC® Oil-Care System.

Close valve on oil inlet.

Close valve on oil outlet.

Aerate CJC® Oil Care System.

Version with venting screw:
Open venting screw.

Version with permanent venting:
Lossen top nut (3).

Version with automatich bleeding and venting valve:
Ensure that shutt-off valve is open.

Drain CJC® Oil-Care System.

Close draining valve immediately after draining.

Loosen top nut.

Lift filter dome and replace o-ring.

Lossen tightening nut.

Remove compression spring and spring sleeve.

Do not damage the sealing edge.

Dispose of contaminated CJC® Fine Filter Insert.

According to environment precautions!

Clean filter bottom.

Without using solvent.

Insert new CJC® Fine Filter Insert

as well as insert guide where appropriate.

Assemble spring sleeve, compression spring and tightening nut.

Replace o-ring for spring guide.

Tighten spring nut

until contact with spring guide. Then tighten spring nut 4 turns per filter insert.

Place filter dome.

Replace o-ring of top nut.

Tighten top nut with a torque of 90 Nm.

Replace usit-ring of venting screw and tighten venting screw with a torque of 10 Nm.

Open valve on oil inlet.

Open valve on oil inlet.

Open venting screw.

Version with permanent venting:
step doesn’t be applied.

Version with automatic bleeding and venting valve:
Leave shut-off valve open or, if necessary close.

Take CJC® Oil-Care System into operation

Take CJC® Oil-Care System into operation.