Cyber-Physical-System CPS — Oil Condition Monitoring

The CJC® Cyber-Physical-System (IoT Gateway) for continuous acquisition of oil condition and the oil system’s most important operating data ensure the highest possible oil cleanliness levels. The CJC® CPS installed with a CJC® Oil Care System in an off-line circuit are the optimum combination for proactive and condition-based maintenance.


  • Maximum wear protection and maximum oil lifetime due to efficient oil care and continuous monitoring of the most critical operating data — at all times, clean and dry oil
  • Increase machine reliability and improve process reliability
  • Real time data collection and configuration of machine-specific limit values and warnings in an intuitive dashboard (web application)
  • Sensor data indicate changed operational parameters
  • Individual and transparent data interpretation enables to detect harmful influences and deviations from the normal state as early as possible and minimize their effects
  • Avoid unplanned, cost-intensive downtimes
  • Reduce administrative expenditure
  • High savings and accelerated return on investment


The CJC® Cyber-Physical-System (IoT Gateway) for oil sensors provides quick and easy retrofit at any CJC® Oil Care System without technical and organisational expenditure. Due to the modular implementation of customer-specific sensors, it is individually modifiable. The CJC® Oil Care System continuously removes particle, water and oil degradation products (varnish, oxidation residues, acids) from the oil. The highest oil cleanliness levels are achieved in the shortest time, independent from the various industries.


The CJC® Cyber-Physical-System (IoT Gateway) transfers the raw data of the oil sensors to the CJC® CPS Dashboard to treat the sensor data for the graphical user interface. The configuration of limit values and alerts for each sensor ensure warnings at the earliest.

Data transfer, Online Monitoring, Cyber-Physical System
Technical data
CJC® Cyber-Physical-System (IoT Gateway)
Dimensions 124 x 138 x 64 mm
Electrical connection 230 V, 50 Hz
Output signal of sensors 4—20 mA
Data transfer Sigfox/LTE Cat NB 1
Oil sensors, 4 connections available
Temperature sensor for measurement of the oil temperature (°C)
Pressure sensor for filter inlet and outlet (bar)
Oil moisture sensor
Sensor for oil oxidation


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Cyber-Physical System, oil condition monitoring
Online-Überwachung Ölzustand, Cloud-Applikation

Condition monitoring

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