Hydraulic oil care | Pontoon excavator LIEBHERR P955 Litronic

Customer case

System — Pontoon excavator

Liebherr pontoon excavator P 995 Litronic
Oil type: Biohydraulic oil (HEES) ISO VG 46
Volume: 6,400 litres


Due to the operating conditions the risk of dirt and water ingress is always high for the hydraulic system of the pontoon excavator. Despite a filter already installed on the excavator to remove water and particles, the oil was heavily contaminated. The condition of the oil deteriorated steadily, after 7,500 hours of operation, the oil reached a cleanliness class (ISO code) of 21/20/18 and a water content of 515 ppm (see table). After the failure of the pump system, the operator decided to conduct a test run with a CJC® Hydraulic Filter.

hydraulic oil care, pontoon excavator liebherr p995 litronic

Pontoon excavator LIEBHERR P 995 Litronic on stilt pontoon MP40 — in use

Solution: CJC® Hydraulic Filter

The customer decided for a test run with a CJC® Hydraulic Filter for continuous hydrauli oil care and drying (24/7).

Dirt holding capacity: approx. 8 kg
Water absorption capacity: > 3.6 litres
Filtration degree: 3 µm absolute, retention rate < 1 µm
Filter material: 100 % natural fibres

After 7,500 hours of operation, the old filter system was dismantled and the test with the CJC® Hydraulic Filter was started. In the following months, an oil sample was taken and analyzed every 500 operating hours.

cjc hydraulic filter installed on pontoon excavator liebherr p995 litronic

CJC® Hydraulic Filter installed on the pontoon excavator type LIEBHERR P995 Litronic

Result of hydraulic oil care

After 2 months (1,000 RHs) of continuous filtration in the offline circuit, the oil cleanliness class improved from ISO 21/20/18 to 19/16/12 and after further
2-3 months (1,500 RHs) to 15/13/10. The water content dropped from 515 to 107 ppm. Because of the achieved result the oil life time will be extended and the hydraulic system will be protected against wear, a lot of costs will be saved and the environment will be spared. After the positive test the CJC® Hydraulic Filter was bought and permanently installed at the excavator.

Running hours ISO 4406 *) Water [ppm]
7.000 21/19/15 311
7,500 (installation CJC® Hydraulic Filter) 21/20/18 515
8.000 21/19/17 531
8.500 19/16/12 404
9.000 18/16/12 380
9.500 16/15/11 368
10.000 15/13/10 107

*) Further information on cleanliness classes are available on request.

particle content in biooil hees, hydraulic oil care, pontoon excavator liebherr p995 litronic
water content in biooil hees, hydraulic oil care, pontoon excavator liebherr p995 litronic

Savings per year

Just by extending the oil change interval:

  • > 6,400 litres of biohydraulic oil HEES
  • approx. 12,864 EUR oil costs (2.01 EUR/L)
  • approx. 16,640 kg CO2
hydraulic oil care, pontoon excavator liebherr p995 litronic

Maintaining instead of changing hydraulic oil protects the environment and resources at the same time:

  • less fresh oil
  • less waste oil, and CO2
    > 2.6 tons of CO2 per avoided oil change (1,000 litres)*)
*) The thermal disposal of waste oil produces approx. 2.6 kg of CO2 per 1 litre.

Customer comment

Josef Möbius Bau-Aktiengesellschaft:

“We are very satisfied with the test progress and intend to install further CJC® fine filter systems.”

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