Maximize wear protection for your machine and change your oil condition-based

Oil sensors from CJC®: Your solution for real-time condition monitoring of oils and fluids

oil sensors, oil sensor, condition monitoringoil sensors, oil sensor, condition monitoring

Oil Sensors — Oil Care 4.0

Oil sensors for the online condition monitoring of oils and fluids provide you with exact real-time data about the oil condition and thus, about the machine condition – anytime and anywhere. CJC® oil sensors are custom-specific configurable: modularly implementable oil sensors and numerous options from data transmission to automated data interpretation. Intuitive dashboards allow defining specific limit values for each sensor as an early warning system. Deviations in the oil condition values and critical wear processes are detected as early as possible and allow well-timed counteracting.

How you benefit from the implementation of CJC® oil sensors

  • Enable plannable, calculable and cost-effective maintenance

  • Avoid unplanned, cost-intensive downtimes and production losses

  • Ensure maximum wear protection and extend the service life of components and machines

  • Optimize your oil analysis program and change your oil condition-based — not too early or too late

  • Reduce administrative expenditure

  • Document the manufacturer’s required oil cleanliness for sensitive components and secure warranty claims

Did you know that

70 to 80% of all hydraulic and lubrication system failures are due to impurities in the oil? This means ensuring the highest fluid and oil cleanliness is your key for improving machine reliability, productivity, process stability and accelerating the return on investment.

Oil sensors for exact condition monitoring of oils and fluids

Information about wear particles, relative humidity, oil temperature, oxidation rate and filter condition values is crucial for you to avoid abrasive wear, cavitation, corrosion, viscosity changes and loss of lubricating properties? With CJC® oil sensors, you optimize your maintenance.

oil sensors, cyber-physical-system cps

CJC® Cyber Physical System
(IoT Gateway)

with up to 4 oil sensors
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oil sensors, oil contamination monitor ocm

CJC® Oil Contamination Monitor

with up to 3 oil sensors
incl. particle counter
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CJC® Desorber

CJC® Condition Monitoring System

up to 9 oil sensors
incl. particle analyzer
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Oil sensors with oil care system or self-sufficient

You can quickly and easily retrofit oil sensors and particle counters to any CJC® Oil Care System. Or install a self-sufficient condition monitoring unit with its own pump unit in an independent circuit. With continuous oil care and accurate oil condition values, you ensure the highest oil and fluid cleanliness levels in the long term. Thus you maximize wear protection and oil service lifetime.

oil sensors, cyber-physical-system cps

CJC® Oil and Fluid Care Systems

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Do you have any questions about our oil sensors and the advantages of oil condition monitoring? Would you like to know more about data transfer possibilities to your existing system? Our regional technical contacts are at your side with help and advice.

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