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Marine Diesel Engines

Vessel: Container vessel, 4,200 TEU
Engines: MaK 6M332, 2,880 kW/600 rpm
Running hours: 5,300 RHs/year
Load: Ø 60% part load, long periods with < 30%
Lube oil: 2,250 Litres of SHELL ARGINA X 40 (0.8 L/kW)
Fuel: 70% HFO 380–700 cSt, sulphur: 2.5–3.5%, 30% MDO or LSHFO 80 cSt, sulphur: < 0.1%

4-stroke diesel engine, lube oil care

Test — Centrifuge vs CJC® Lube Oil Filter

Test period: 17 months
Running hours: 7,880 RHs during test period
Test start: at approx. 25,000 RHs
Last revision: 13,680 RHs ago at test end

Conventional lube oil treatment:
One centrifugal separator for two engines (DG#1 and DG#2), and one centrifugal by-pass filter („glacier filter“) per engine.

Newly installed CJC® Lube Oil Filter:
During the test period, a CJC® Lube Oil Filter 3×27/108 for continuous depth filtration and drying (24/7/365) was installed on diesel engine DG#1. The automatic temperature controlled flow ensures optimum operation and the highest filtration efficiency.

Pump flow: 1,680 L per hour (0.58 L/kW) nominal, at test end 840 L per hour (0.29 L/kW)

oil care system 3x27/108, lube oil care
Flow control, CJC® Lube Oil Filter

Savings and Benefits

50–60% lower lube oil consumption
≅ 5,465 Litres per year

The specific lube oil consumption (SLOCMCR*) of the trial engine with installed CJC® Lube oil filter amounts to 0.25 g/kWh—0.31 g/kWh less than the engine with the centrifugal separator:

  • significant less oil consumption
  • improved engine performance

Fewer deposits in the engine room

Dark, black deposits on the surfaces, a mix of asphaltenes and soot, are visibly reduced. The trial engine is much cleaner than the engine with the separator.

Good dipersant properties, low soot content

The test for quick analyses of oil and engine condition confirms that the lube oil of the trial engine has a lower soot content and better dispersant properties. Improved lubricity and oil properties extend oil lifetime.

Less sludge

During this process the thickness of the sludge layer precipitated in the filters is measured (ø 5 mm). Approx. 3,000 hours after installation of the CJC® Lube Oil Filter, no sludge in the centrifugal by-pass filter of the trial engine could be detected.

Specific lube oil consumption
OEM specifications: SLOCMCR = 0.6 g/kWh (+/- 0.3)
Engine DG#2
with centrifuge
Engine DG#1
with CJC® Oil Filter
Running hours 1.868 7.785
Oil consumption [L] 3.450 6.350
SLOCMCR* [g/kWh] 0,56 0,25
*) SLOC = Specific Lube Oil Consumption
MCR = Maximum Continuous Rating

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