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Customer case

Marine Diesel Engines

Vessel: Chemical tanker, 19,800 GT
Engines: 4-stroke diesel engines MAN L23/30H, 800/960 kW (3 pieces)
Lube oil: Chevron TARO 30 DP30
Fuel: HFO RMG < 380 cSt, Sulphur: < 3.5%

CJC Lube Oil Filter, 4-stroke marine diesel engine MAN L23/30H

Test — Centrifuge vs CJC® Lube Oil Filter

Test period: 8 months
Engine running hours: 4,982 RHs during test period
Last total oil change: at start of the test after 3,107 hours

Conventional lubrication oil treatment:
One separator for three engines (DG#1, DG#2 and DG#3) as well as one centrifugal by-pass filter („glacier filter“) for each engine.

Newly installed CJC® Lube Oil Filter:
During the test period, a CJC® Schmierölfilter 27/108 for continuous fine filtration and drying (24/7/365) was installed on each engine. The automatic temperature controlled flow ensures optimum operation and the highest filtration efficiency.

Pump flow: 280 L per hour (0.3 L/kW) nominal

CJC Lube Oil Filter, 4-stroke marine diesel engine MAN L23/30H
CJC® Lube Oil Filter installed at MAN diesel engine

Conclusion of the ship owner

approx. 40−60 % lower lube oil consumption

The lube oil consumption decreased by 40 – 60 % (no sludge, improved engine performance). The extended oil lifetime and provided long-term lubrication is a result of the cleaner oil achieved by the enormous filter efficiency.

Fewer CO2 emissions –more than 52,000 kg CO2 per year saved

Approx. 10,400 kg CO2 per year and vessel are saved because the amount of sludge to be disposed of decreased by Ø 4.000 litres. Thermal disposal of waste oil and sludge causes approx. 2.6 kg CO2 per litre. In total five vessels are retrofitted with CJC® Lube Oil Filters.

Engine reliability

To be able to verify if engine reliability improved, the full period of engine running between revisions must be monitored and analyzed. The maintenance and service time spent by the crew is an important indicator. The crew involved in the test evaluate the project as positive:

  • easy to operate by the crew
  • minimal maintenance requirements (insert replacement)
  • Plug-and-Play-Installation

The improved oil cleanliness reached by the CJC® Lube Oil Filter has a positive impact on engine reliability.

Savings– more than 66,000 EUR per year

More than 13,000 EUR are saved per year and vessel by using the CJC® Lube Oil Filter. In total five vessels are retrofitted with CJC®,.

Specific lube oil consumption
Engine DG#1 Engine DG#2 Engine DG#3
Running hours 1.145 8.069 6.680
Oil consumption [L] 1.805 2.685 2.260
SLOCMCR* [g/kWh] 1,58 0,33 0,34
*) SLOC = Specific Lube Oil Consumption
MCR = Maximum Continuous Rating
when retrofitting the CJC® Lube Oil Filter
Energy consumption

1 x 4 kW x 23 hours x 300 days + preheater
CJC® Lube Oil Filter:
3 x 0.3 kW x 24 hours x 360 days
5,100 EUR
Oil consumption

∅ approx. 4,000 L x 1.06 EUR/L
4,240 EUR
Maintenance, spare parts 4,000 EUR
Annual savings per vessel 13,340 EUR

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