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Marine Diesel Engines

Ship: Cargo ship “MV EIDSVAAG VEGA”
Engine: Main engine MaK 8M20, Marine 4-stroke diesel engine, 1,520 kW
Lubricating oil: 900—1,000 liters engine lubricating oil Marway 1040


The engine lubricating oil was heavily contaminated with soot, particles and oxidation residues. With the existing lubricating oil centrifuge, the oil purity required by the manufacturer could not be achieved. In addition, the operation of the centrifuge was very time-consuming and costly – high maintenance and energy costs, high personnel costs and enormous oil losses. The technical inspector had to plan about 200 man-hours per year for the centrifuge. The time-consuming cleaning of the components after the feed-out alone took half the time – the diesel vapours during the cleaning processes also burdened the crew.

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The centrifuge was replaced by a CJC® Lube Oil Filter 27/108 .

Dirt holding capacity: > 38 kg
Water absorption capacity: > 4.8 l
Filtration degree:3 μm absolute, 1 μm nominal
Filter material: 100% renewable raw materials

At the same time, an engine overhaul and an oil change were carried out. After five months, the filter cartridge had to be changed for the first time. The engine lubricating oil was still brown and not already black as usual.

Technical Inspector, CJC Oil Care System

Technical inspector next to the CJC® lubricating oil filter

Marine 4-stroke diesel engines, engine lubricating oil care

Marine diesel engine, 4-stroke type MaK 8M20

Savings — cost and time

The filter cartridge of the CJC® lubricating oil filter must be changed 2-3 times a year — cost max. 1,071 EUR/year. In comparison, the operating costs for the centrifuge are 3,640-4,158 EUR/year. Man-hours for operation and maintenance are not yet included in these costs. While the technical inspector had to schedule about 200 working hours for the operation and maintenance of the centrifuge, the CJC® lubricating oil filter now requires less than 10 working hours per year — i.e. 95% less work for engine lubricating oil care as a result of the newly installed CJC® lubricating oil filter. The technical inspector can use a total of 190 working hours per year for other tasks.

Centrifuge vs CJC® Lube Oil Filter
Savings, operating costs

– Centrifuge: EUR 3,640 to EUR 4,158/year
– CJC® oil care system: 1,071 EUR/year
EUR 2,569 to EUR 3,087 per year
Savings, man-hours

– Centrifuge: 200 hours/year
– CJC® oil care system: 10 hours/year
190 hours per year
= -95 %

Benefits for the environment and resources

Eidsvaag AS is a shipping company with an extensive environmental management system that is actively committed to the environment and sensitizes employees. It is the first shipping company whose environmental management has been certified by the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation. Among other things, they are obliged to document oil and fuel consumption. Replacing the centrifuge with the CJC® oil care system was a decisive step in favor of the environment, as lubricating oil consumption and the amount of sludge to be disposed of could be significantly reduced. Due to these positive effects on the environment and resources, Eidsvaag AS also decided to replace the fuel centrifuge. A CJC® Filter Separator was installed as part of the annual revision.

Improve CO2 balance, engine lubricating oil care, Marine 4-stroke diesel engine

Further advantages:

Highest oil purities improve engine performance and reliability:
– less wear
– fewer failures/idle times
– less losses

Longer oil change intervals lead to high savings and, at the same time, protect the environment and resources:
– less fresh oil
– less waste oil and CO2 *)

*) The thermal disposal of waste oil produces approx. 2.6 kg of CO2 per 1 litre.

Technical advantages

The low-maintenance and easy-to-use CJC® lubricating oil filter is characterized by its reliable and trouble-free operation. Only the pump motor unit has moving parts. However, the mechanical load is minimal due to the low volume flow. The two pumps and the numerous other moving components of the 10-year-old centrifuge, on the other hand, are very susceptible to wear due to the extreme mechanical stress over many hours – their replacement is also very time-consuming. After installing the CJC® lubricating oil filter, this high cost and time factor was eliminated. The difficulties, inconveniences and frustrations associated with the repairs to the centrifuge are also eliminated.

Occupational health and safety

The centrifuge had to be cleaned manually every four days. This process takes about two hours. One hour is needed just to clean the components in a diesel bath. This produces diesel vapours, which make complex degassing processes necessary. This process was also omitted after installation of the CJC® oil care system. Overall, the CJC® oil care system is the optimal solution for engine lubricating oil care with regard to the requirements of the HSE (Health, Security and Environment) and environmental management of the shipping company and replaces the conventional lubricating oil treatment with the centrifuge.

Customer comment

Technical Inspector “MV Eidsvaag Vega”:
“Our experiences with operation and filter replacement are excellent! We have weight the used filter insert. The drained net weight among 49.2 kg – i. e. in total, the CJC® Oil Filter >removed 38 kg dirt. The engine lube oil on the test membrane is brown and not black anymore! The CJC® Oil Filter is really efficient :)!”

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