Gas engine oil care, biogas engine MAN 2842, combined heat and power plant CHP

Customer case

Biogas engine

Engine type: MAN 2842 (300 kWe)
Oil volume: approx. 60 litres
Engine oil: Mobil Pegasus 710
Fuel: Biogas
Engine hours: approx. 56,000 hours


Short oil change intervals. The operator has to replace the gas engine oil after only 450—550 operating hours because the values for viscosity, total acid number, oxidation, nitration and i-pH deteriorate within the shortest time and limit the oil lifetime.

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gas engine oil care, biogas engine, man 2842, cjc lube oil filter

CJC® Lube Oil Filter installed on the biogas engine

Solution: CJC® Lube Oil Filter

The customer decided to make a test run with the CJC® Lube Oil Filter for the gas engine oil’s continuous care and depth filtration (24/7).

Dirt holding capacity: approx. 2 kg
Water absorption capacity: > 1.2 litres
Filtration degree: 3 µm absolute, retention rate < 1 µm

The CJC® Lube Oil Filter removes particles, soot, oxidation residues and water and neutralizes the acids in the oil.

The filter inlet is connected diagonally arranged directly at the oil sump, and the filter outlet is connected higher up – as far away as possible from the filter inlet. The pump unit of the filter enables an independent circuit for the continuous filtration and care of the gas engine oil (24/7).

Lube Oil Filte 27/27, gas engine oil care

Test: Gas engine oil care on biogas engine

First test
The CJC® Lube Oil Filter prolonged the oil lifetime up to 1,640 operating hours. Compared to prior, the oil lifetime is 3,5 times longer, an increase of ≈ 66.46%.

Second test
When installing the CJC® Lube Oil Filter a small extra oil volume is necessary to fill the filter housings and pipes. To evaluate the impact of the extra oil volume without filtration to the oil’s lifetime, the inner components of the filter housings were removed and the filter inserts were bypassed. The oil lifetime were prolonged up to 1,236 operating hours. Compared to prior, the oil lifetime is 2.5 times longer, an increase of ≈ 55.5%.

Third test
The CJC® Lube Oil Filter achieved after re-mounting the inner components and replacing the used CJC® Fine and Depth Filter Inserts an oil lifetime of 2,275 operating hours. Compared to prior, the oil lifetime is 4.5 times longer, an increase of ≈ 75.82%.

The operator must have changed the oil only due to the oxidation rate. All other oil condition values were well below the limitation.

The oil samples were analysed by Spectro Oil in the United Kingdom. The independent oil laboratory has analysed the gas engine oil (GEO) from Mobil Oil Danmark A/S since 1997.

BEFORE Test No. 1 with CJC® Test No. 2 only extra oil volume Test No. 2 with CJC®
Oil lifetime, operating hours 547 1.640 1.236 2.275
Viscosity at 40°, cSt
167 168 165 161
TAN, mg KOH/g
5,08 3,02 4,44 4,20
Oxidation, abs/cm 27 26 26 29
Nitration, abs/cm 27 8 10 10
i-pH, mg KOH/g 4,40 5,79 4,95 5,37
*) Oil analysis reports are available upon request.
gas engine oil care, prolong oil lifetime

Savings per year

Our customer saves only due to the prolonged oil change intervals (based on 8,000 running hours per year).

  • > 667 litres of gas engine oil
  • approx. 1,919 EUR oil costs (2.88 EUR/L)
  • approx. 1.733 kg CO2
  • 10 of 14 oil changes that mean our customer also profits from a higher engine availability
gas engine oil care, biogas engine

Gas engine oil care instead of replacement simultaneously protect the environment and resources:

  • less fresh oil
  • less waste oil, and CO2
    > 2.6 tons of CO2 per avoided oil change (1,000 litres)*)
*) The thermal disposal of waste oil produces approx. 2.6 kg of CO2 per 1 litre.


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