Engine oil care on 4-stroke diesel engine – cargo ship


Engine oil care, marine 4-stroke diesel engine | Cargo ship Application Study Marine Diesel Engines Ship: Cargo ship "MV EIDSVAAG VEGA" Engine: Main engine MaK 8M20, Marine 4-stroke diesel engine, 1,520 kW Lubricating oil: 900—1,000 liters engine lubricating oil Marway 1040 Challenge The engine lubricating oil was [...]

Lube oil treatment for 2-stroke diesel engines – container vessels


Lube oil treatment on 2-stroke diesel engines | container vessels Application Study System — Marine Diesel Engines Vessels: Container vessels CMS "HONG KONG EXPRESS" and CMS "HAMBURG EXPRESS", each 13.177 TEU Main engines: 2-stroke diesel engines type MAN 11K98 ME MK 7.1 (derated to 45,100 kW at 84 rpm [...]

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