Hydraulic oil, Winch, Tug Boat BEAUFORT


Hydraulic Oil Care in the Offline Flow, Winch | Tug Bot Customer Case Hydraulic system, winch Vessel: Tug boat "BEAUFORT", 2010 built by Damen shipyard in the Netherlands Hydraulic oil: Shell Tellus 46 Oil volume: 1.200 Litres Challenge High temperatures put an extreme strain on the hydraulic [...]

Gear Oil Maintenance, Mineral Oil, Thruster – Harbour Tug


Gear Oil Maintenance, Thruster | Harbour Tug Customer case System — Thruster Vessel: Harbour tug "VB PORNIC" Thruster: AQUAMASTER US 1401 AZIMUTH Starboard Thruster Gear oil: EPONA Z 100 (marine mineral gear oil) Viscosity: 100.7 cSt @ 40 °C Oil volume: 850 litres Challenge Entry of seawater [...]

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