Maximize the service life of your cooling lubricants and tools

Cooling lubricant filters from CJC®: Your solution for the highest coolant purity within a very short time

Cleaning and maintaining gear oils, lube oils
Cleaning and maintaining gear oils, lube oils

Cooling lubricant filter

Cooling lubricant filters from CJC® clean and maintain your cooling lubricant quickly and cost-effectively. Whether machining centres or individual machine tools, whether central supply or small tank, whether aqueous or non-aqueous cooling lubricant, CJC® cooling lubricant filters are precisely configurable for your application. Installed in the offline circuit or on the IBC tank, they ensure maximum cooling lubricant cleanliness regardless of the process. They remove metallic chips, fine rod abrasion, sticky deposits, metal salts, foreign oils, greases and/or water — even microbial infestation — efficiently and reliably.

How you benefit from installing a CJC® cooling lubricant filter

  • You extend the service life of your cooling lubricant — this saves cooling lubricant, disposal costs and at the same time protects the environment and resources.

  • By completely recovering the cooling lubricant in your house, you close the material cycle at the point of origin.

  • You ensure consistently exact tolerances and thus a consistently high quality of the workpieces.

  • You reduce tool wear and maintenance — increasing productivity, output and accelerating return on investment.

  • You improve the biostability of your cooling lubricant and thus health protection in production.

Product Advantages — CJC® Cooling Lubricant Filter

thruster filter, customized solution

Customized solutions

Perfectly adaptable to any tank size and cooling lubricant. The CJC® Cooling Lubricant Filter is individually and optimally configurable, thanks to its modular design. Optionally with customer-specific sensors for integration into your condition monitoring system.

thruster filter, highest gear oil cleanliness

Maximum coolant purity

Highest cooling lubricant cleanliness and clean fluid system within a very short time. The CJC® Cooling Lubricant Filter removes all impurities – process-independent, continuous and highly efficient. For maximum service life of cooling lubricant and tools.

thruster filter, economical and ecological

Economical & ecological

Depth filter made of 100% natural fibres – 0% plastic and 0% metals. High absorption capacities and thus long filter life ensure excellent price-performance ratio of the CJC® Cooling Lubricant Filters.

thruster filter, Easy installation and maintenance

Easy installation & maintenance

Easy to install in an independent circuit — as an offline filter or for recovery on the IBC tank. This also means filter changes without production downtimes. Low-maintenance, robust and durable, the CJC® Cooling Lubricant Filter also convinces.

Product Features— CJC® Cooling Lubricant Filter

CJC® Cooling Lubricant Filter

Cleaning and maintaining gear oils, lube oils
  • Pump unit for installation in the offline circuit or on the IBC tank

  • Electrical control (incl. motor protection switch and shunt)

  • Saturation monitoring of the depth filter insert

  • Automatic bleeding and venting valve for quick filter insert replacement

  • Leakage sensor as a warning system in the event of leakage of cooling lubricant

  • Non-return valve to avoid a return flow

  • Sampling point for analysis

  • Raised base plate for ideal handling

  • Optional with sensors for condition monitoring

The integrated CJC® Depth Filter Insert 27/27

depth filter insert, cjc cool lubricant filter
  • Depth filter insert with extremely high recording capacity:
    Dirt up to 10 kg, water > 0.9 litres

  • Inner surface: 120 to 150 m² per gram — equivalent to an area of 40 to 69 football fields per depth filter insert

  • Volume: > 12 litres per depth filter insert — of which > 9 litres cavity

  • Filtration degree: 3 μm absolute

  • Filter material removes chips, fine rod abrasion, sticky deposits, foreign oil, fats and/or water and microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts)

  • Due to modular design, the number of depth filter inserts and thus the absorption capacity can be adapted to the individual dirt input

Customer cases

Find out in our application studies how operators benefit from the installation of CJC® cooling lubricant filters.

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Cleaning and maintaining cooling lubricant, cooling lubricant filter
Cleaning and maintaining cooling lubricant, cooling lubricant filter
Cleaning and maintaining cooling lubricant, cooling lubricant filter